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We are on facebook join us there January 6, 2014

Video from first night of lessons - Video -

 Square Dance Lessons


Odell Library in Morrison, IL
307 South Madison St.
Starting January 6, 2014
Doors open at 6:30
7 to 9pm Beginning Lessons


Video high lights for our April dance Video

Square dancing is FUN, FRIENDSHIP, and FITNESS set to MUSIC.

Easy to learn - it is based on walking in specific directions for a specific distance with modern music in the background.

Interaction - working with 7 other persons in harmony to learned patterns.

Entertaining - the caller sings a variety of music and dancers move in rhythmic patterns; it is fun to watch besides participate in.

Stress reliever - listening to the calls takes concentration, you forget the days' irritations.

Low stress physical exercise - burn 500-800 calories or dance 3 miles per evening without realizing it.

Across generations - families, singles, and couples can participate in square dancing; probably from ages 8 - 88.

Universal - square dance calls are standardized and called in English, with an accent, around the world.